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59. Other current liabilities

The liabilities to investments in equity accounted investees consist primarily of cash pooling balances between EVN Finanzservice and these companies as well as amounts due to e&t for the distribution and procurement of electricity.

The other financial liabilities include a liability of EUR 72.4m (previous year: EUR 0.0m) related to a tariff decision in Bulgaria on 1 July 2014, which requires the repayment of revenue from previous periods. This position also includes a liability of EUR 60.9m (previous year: EUR 0.0m) related to the contract performance guarantee for the Duisburg-Walsum power plant project that was drawn in November 2013. The other items consist primarily of employee-related liabilities, deposits received and compensation payments for electricity futures.

Prepayments received served to cover the costs of electricity, natural gas and heating supplies as well as the installation of customer equipment.

The liabilities relating to social security contributions comprise amounts due to social insurance carriers.

59. Other current liabilities
Financial liabilities
Liabilities to investments in equity accounted investees127.382.9
Liabilities to non-consolidated subsidiaries8.736.1
Deferred interest expenses18.421.9
Liabilities arising from derivative transactions11.614.1
Other financial liabilities166.027.7
Other liabilities
Prepayments received65.267.7
Liabilities relating to social security11.810.1



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