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Environment and climate

G_Pfiffinger @Birdlife
My name is Gerald Pfiffinger. I am the managing director of BirdLife Austria, an association dedicated to supporting the protection of birds and nature in Austria.

As an energy and environmental services company, EVN is committed to ensuring the careful use of resources and to making an active contribution to climate protection.

EVN and its stakeholders have defined “sustainable energy generation and climate protection“ and “environmental protection and resource conservation“ as central areas of activity in the EVN materiality matrix. These sustainability issues are therefore given particularly high priority in the corporate strategy and the company’s daily actions. One of the primary goals is to also transfer the principles of environmentally-oriented management from Lower Austria to EVN’s international subsidiaries. The extensive and regular monitoring of the many different environmental indicators is ensured by the professional management of the related negative issues. Many of these indicators are listed in this report. They all represent measured and calculated data, with the exception of one clearly designated case where only an estimate is available.



My Annual Report