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Thinking in four worlds

What do these four scenarios look like – these four conceivable worlds in 2025? “The spectrum is quite large“, says Franz Mittermayer, EVN’s business segment manager for Environmental Services and another future lab mentor. “It ranges from the scenario of a ‘smart world’ where modern technologies prevail and the energy revolution has been successful, to the assumption of ‘reindustrialisation’ with a return to conventional energy supplies and a ‘directionless’ situation with an eternal transformation process and no particular strategy to a ‘downswing’ characterised by recession and a return to less sophisticated technologies.“

Each of these scenarios was described in detail to picture the envisioned world as realistically as possible. Roman Igelspacher: “We also structured the descriptions according to the previously mentioned categories – economy, ecology, technology, society and politics – which were then broken down even further.“ Of course, the effects of the individual scenarios on EVN’s various business areas were also analysed and presented in detail. The plausibility assessment was based on a survey of EVN’s managers and employees who were asked to identify the world in which they most likely see themselves in the future: “smart world“ and “directionless“ were ranked as the most likely scenarios.

Bundling experience with the EVN trend monitor

The EVN trend monitor is a unique web platform created by EVN’s innovation management to collect and combine information on developments, technologies and the latest studies and analyses.

The platform can be accessed via the Intranet and allows EVN employees to actively exchange their know-how and experience. An editorial team prepares the employees’ inputs for the trend monitor. In addition, 16 internal experts serve as trend scouts and examine current developments.

In keeping with the motto “many heads are better than one“, the EVN trend monitor also forms the basis for strategic decisions that are designed to lead the EVN Group into a successful future.



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