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Principles of human resources management

EVN not only meets its legal obligations as an employer, but also provides numerous voluntary benefits for employees. The central values of the corporate culture and the treatment of employees are defined in principles that apply throughout the entire EVN Group.

Equal treatment and opportunity

The EVN Group is active in a large number of countries with different working conditions. This diverse operating environment led to the company’s decision to comply with the principles of the International Labour Organization (ILO). As a member of the UN Global Compact, EVN has also confirmed its intention to act in accordance with the global principles of ethical business behaviour. Closely connected with this commitment is the challenge to eliminate all discrimination on the basis of nationality or ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation, culture, religion, age or state of health. People with the same professional and personal qualifications are given equal treatment in hiring, further training and career development, working conditions and salaries. EVN is also committed to improving the work-family balance. This is illustrated, among others, by the signing of a “charter on the new compatibility between parents and business” in May 2011. In order to improve the opportunities for women in the Group, the “Women@EVN” programme was introduced in 2010/11. EVN also joined together with USAID (U.S. Agency for International Development) in Macedonia during the reporting year to launch the project “Engendering Utilities”, which is directed, above all, to providing equal opportunity for women at EVN Macedonia.

Corporate social partnership

EVN takes major business decisions in a transparent manner in agreement with the managerial mission statement and in accordance with legal regulations. Employee representatives are, of course, integrated into the decision-making process and supplied with appropriate information.

Health care, occupational safety and accident prevention

Occupational safety and accident prevention have high priority in all EVN business units. The high level of safety is ensured, above all, by training and awareness-building measures. In addition to legal regulations, EVN has issued comprehensive internal safety rules in the form of business directives and guidelines. The main section is a special “Safety Handbook” tailored to working conditions in the energy industry, which is available to all employees on the Intranet.

Up-to-date and comprehensive information for employees

The magazine “EVN Intern” provides employees with regular information on corporate developments. In addition, the EVN Intranet contains a broad overview of current issues related to the company, energy supply and employee representatives as well as information on seminars and other training events. In order to support the preferred internal filling of positions, job advertisements are also posted on the Intranet. These and additional measures promote the Group-wide exchange and employment of personnel.

Employee commitment to social causes

Many EVN employees not only work for the company, but also make valuable contributions to society. A large number do volunteer work in organisations like the Red Cross or the local fire brigade during their free time. In total, 382 EVN employees participate as volunteers in aid organisations. As an employer, EVN supports this commitment by excusing employees from work for up to half of the invested time in case of an operation. EVN also helps employees to accumulate the necessary vacation time for volunteer services through flexi-time work models. This commitment is also acknowledged outside the company: for example, EVN was named an “employer supportive of the fire brigade” in 2015.



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