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Always and everywhere well connected

Transport and distribution networks are the backbone of electricity, natural gas, heat and water supplies. Their uninterrupted operation is essential for the people and the economy.

“We’re on the job 24 / 7 to make sure our customers’ lights never go out.“
Rupert Überacker, high voltage team SüdWest

Whether in plain sight or hidden deep in the earth: without a dense network of supply lines, we wouldn’t be able to count on electricity “straight from the socket” at any time of the day or night and enjoy uninterrupted supplies of natural gas, heating or water. In other words, EVN’s roughly 155,000 km of power lines are a key cornerstone for the quality of life we now take for granted.

That creates a special responsibility for EVN, which is met consciously and at great expense. For example: nearly EUR 700m will flow into the expansion of the Lower Austrian networks alone from 2013 to 2017 as part of a four-year investment programme. And in its supply areas in Bulgaria and Macedonia, EVN is working continuously to optimise the network infrastructure.

EVN is making substantial investments in the expansion of its networks and thereby strengthens supply security.

Valuable impulses for renewable energy
These investments not only strengthen the backbone of EVN’s broad-based supply business, but also play an important role in the transformation of the energy system towards renewable energy. Only a high-performance, state-of-the-art network can efficiently transport the electricity generated by windpower and solar power plants to consumers and, at the same time, guarantee the necessary system stability when generation volumes fluctuate.



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