24/7 supply security is our central promise to customers. Energy and drinking water must always be available in sufficient quality and quantity whenever it is needed – we never compromise. And we have implemented a broad range of measures to meet this promise. More

"EVN’s activities on behalf of supply security often go un noticed, but they are all the more effective."
René Maier,
high voltage engineer

EVN’s activities are only effective when they are focused on the needs of our customers. Our foremost goal is, therefore, to give each and every one of them the best possible, individual support. Through our intensive personal contact, we know exactly what our customers want and need. This forms the basis for our efforts to continuously increase their satisfaction with our products and services. More

”When I need something from EVN, my customer advisor is always available and knows just what to do. I really appreciate that.“
Philipp S.,
EVN Kunde
in Niederösterreich

Only if we can minimise – and continue to reduce – our resource consumption and the emissions from our activities can we achieve long-term – or even better: sustainable – success. We therefore engage in careful and conscious actions in the sense of our materiality matrix, which defines “environmental and climate protection” as one of the priority areas of activity. More

"We consider it our responsibility to make a significant contribution against climate change."
Andrea Edelmann,
head of innovation,
sustainability and environmental protection

EVN’s materiality matrix speaks a clear language: “responsible management”, “sustainable increase in corporate value” and “supply chain responsibility” represent key issues for our stakeholders. That explains why we also place high value on ethical and legally compliant behaviour by our employees, business partners and suppliers, who we, in turn, treat with the same responsibility and respect. More

"The wide variety of attractive offerings and flexible solutions underscores the high priority EVN gives to its employees."
Claudia Tabacco-Buchta,
HR management

EVN is active in many countries and at a wide variety of locations, but our regional roots are very important. We are well aware of the great responsibility this involves and, consequently, engage in an active dialogue with our many different stakeholders to create an equitable balance between their often contrary interests. This balance also includes a strong commitment to social responsibility through numerous initiatives and measures. More

"I see EVN’s support for the arts as a very positive step."
Lazar Lyutakov,