EVN – energy company and

environmental services provider

EVN’s activities cover the energy and the environmental service business. The headquarters of this international Group are located in Lower Austria, further core markets are Bulgaria and North Macedonia. In total, EVN is currently active in 14 countries.

Business areas

Energy business

Our integrated business model covers the entire value chain:

  • Energy generation
  • Operation of distribution networks
  • Delivery of electricity, natural gas and heat to end customers (with different focal points in our individual markets)

Environmental services business

  • Drinking water supplies in Lower Austria
  • International projects business: planning, construction, financing and operation of plants for drinking water supplies, wastewater disposal as well as thermal waste and sludge utilisation


Investments in areas related to the core business supplement and hedge our value chain:

  • Verbund AG (12.63%)
  • Burgenland Holding AG (73.63%), which, in turn, holds 49.0% of Energie Burgenland AG
  • RAG Austria AG (50.03%)
Value chain

Markets1) and business areas


  • Generation: electricity, heat, thermal waste utitlisation
  • Network operations: electricity, natural gas, heat, cable TV, telecommunications
  • Energy supplies: electricity, natural gas, heat
  • Environmental services business: drinking water supplies


  • Generation: electricity, heat
  • Network operations: electricity, heat
  • Energy supplies: electricity, heat

North Macedonia

  • Generation: electricity
  • Network operations: electricity
  • Energy supplies: electricity


  • Generation: electricity
  • Energy supplies: electricity
  • Environmental services business: drinking water supplies and wastewater treatment, as well as thermal sludge utilisation


  • Network operations: natural gas
  • Energy supplies: natural gas
  • Environmental services business: wastewater treatment


  • Generation: electricity

Other countries

  • International project business: plants for drinking water supplies, wastewater treatment and thermal waste and sludge utilisation

1) Map outlines markets in the energy business

Market and business areas
Key data